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Hi, I'm Kimberly Boyd

a highly experienced and dedicated Certified High Performance Coach. With over 20 years of expertise as a Licensed Professional Counselor, I am passionate about empowering individuals to unlock their full potential, discover their purpose, and elevate their lives to new heights.

In March 2018, I received a life-altering call with the results of my biopsy. It was then that my doctor referred me to MD Anderson to consult with a breast oncologist and surgeon. Over the course of the following five months, I faced numerous challenges, including a post-mastectomy infection. While in the hospital being treated for the infection, my best friend was unexpectedly admitted to the ICU for a brain tumor.  Four months later I underwent another post-mastectomy surgery and embarked on a healing journey. Unfortunately, just days after my surgery, one of my twins required emergency brain surgery due to a broken VP shunt for his Hydrocephalus. Within two weeks, he had to undergo two more brain surgeries.

After a year filled with adversity, I was determined to find meaning in our family's experiences. My oldest son was a freshman in college and the twins were seniors in high school.  On June 17, 2019, my daughter and I attended a transformative women's conference in Dallas, Texas. This event marked the beginning of a new chapter, and I felt incredibly grateful to embark on this journey alongside my daughter. I was resolute in using the challenges of 2018 as fuel to move forward unapologetically, pursuing new heights and realizing my passion of empowering others to live their best lives.

In November 2019, I began working with a highly skilled Certified High Performance Coach. Within just two sessions, I noticed a profound difference in my life. Despite my previous belief that I was on the right track, and possessed motivation and purpose, I swiftly realized there was so much more for me to discover and learn. I yearned to embrace life more fully, with more intention, personal freedom, and joy.

I firmly believe that every individual has the capacity to achieve greatness, abundant opportunities, their desired goals, and a deeply fulfilling life. Through 13 science-backed, personalized coaching sessions, I will guide and support you in mastering the six key principles of high performance: Clarity, Energy, Courage, Necessity, Productivity, and Influence. Together, we will develop strategies to enhance your effectiveness, foster self-awareness, prioritize personal wellness, and cultivate meaningful relationships.

I invite you to embark on this transformative journey with me. Together, we will unlock your true potential, unleash your inner greatness, and empower you to live a purpose-driven and fulfilling life.

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